Why Iowa is One of the Best Places for Business

We’ve done our research, and we’re here to tell you that Iowa is one of the best places for business.

With a thriving economy, a business-friendly environment, a highly educated workforce, and robust infrastructure and support for entrepreneurship, Iowa has everything a company needs to succeed.

From low unemployment rates to a strong agricultural industry, this state offers endless opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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So why wait? It’s time to set up shop in Iowa and reap the rewards.

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Thriving Economy

One of the reasons why Iowa is considered one of the best places for business is its thriving economy. With low unemployment rates and a diverse range of industries, Iowa offers a promising environment for businesses to flourish.

When it comes to employment, Iowa boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. As of the latest data, the state’s unemployment rate stands at an impressive 2.6%, well below the national average. This indicates a strong labor market and a highly skilled workforce that businesses can tap into.

Moreover, Iowa’s economy is characterized by its diverse industries. From agriculture and manufacturing to finance and healthcare, the state offers a wide array of sectors for businesses to thrive in. This diversification not only provides stability but also creates opportunities for innovation and growth.

In addition to a low unemployment rate and diverse industries, Iowa also offers a business-friendly environment. The state has implemented policies and initiatives to attract and retain businesses, such as tax incentives, streamlined regulations, and access to resources and support networks. These factors contribute to an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurial success and economic growth.

Business-Friendly Environment

We have implemented business-friendly policies and initiatives in Iowa to attract and retain businesses, providing them with tax incentives, streamlined regulations, and access to resources and support networks. These efforts have created a business-friendly environment that has positioned Iowa as one of the best places for businesses to thrive.

One of the key factors that contribute to Iowa’s business-friendly environment is its tax incentives. We offer a range of tax credits and exemptions that help businesses reduce their tax burden and increase their profitability. These incentives include the Research Activities Credit, which promotes innovation and research and development within the state. Additionally, businesses that invest in certain industries or projects can benefit from tax increment financing, which provides tax breaks on property improvements.

In addition to tax incentives, Iowa boasts low regulations, which further enhance its business-friendly environment. Our state has a reputation for having an efficient and streamlined regulatory system, allowing businesses to navigate through the regulatory landscape with ease. With fewer bureaucratic hurdles, businesses can focus on their growth and expansion plans, without unnecessary delays or obstacles.

Furthermore, Iowa offers businesses access to a wide range of resources and support networks. Our state has a robust network of economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and business support services that provide guidance, expertise, and networking opportunities. These resources are instrumental in helping businesses succeed and thrive in Iowa.

Highly Educated Workforce

Our workforce in Iowa is exceptionally well-educated, giving businesses a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy. Iowa boasts a strong educational system that produces a highly skilled workforce capable of driving technological advancements and global connections.

Iowa’s commitment to education is evident in its high school graduation rate, which is consistently above the national average. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Education, Iowa has one of the highest graduation rates in the country. This means that businesses in Iowa have access to a pool of talented individuals who’ve received a quality education and are ready to contribute to the success of their employers.

Furthermore, Iowa is home to several top-tier universities and colleges that offer a wide range of degree programs tailored to meet the needs of today’s industries. These institutions produce graduates who are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the modern workforce. In addition, Iowa’s universities foster innovation and research, leading to technological advancements that benefit businesses across various sectors.

Iowa’s highly educated workforce also brings with it a global perspective. Many Iowa residents have studied and worked abroad, gaining valuable international experience and developing global connections. This diverse knowledge base and network of connections enable Iowa businesses to compete on a global scale, opening up new markets and opportunities.

Robust Infrastructure and Support for Entrepreneurship

Iowa’s robust infrastructure and support for entrepreneurship create a thriving environment for businesses to grow and succeed. The state’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success is evident through its various government initiatives and programs designed to provide support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs.

One key aspect of Iowa’s entrepreneur-friendly environment is its access to capital. The state recognizes the importance of funding in helping businesses get off the ground and expand. Through initiatives like the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Targeted Small Business (TSB) program, entrepreneurs have access to financial assistance, including loans and grants, specifically tailored to their needs. This financial support enables entrepreneurs to invest in their ideas, hire talent, and develop innovative products and services.

Furthermore, Iowa’s infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting entrepreneurship. The state boasts a well-developed transportation system, with an extensive network of highways, railways, and airports. This infrastructure not only facilitates the movement of goods and services but also enables entrepreneurs to connect with customers and suppliers, both within the state and beyond.

In addition to physical infrastructure, Iowa’s support network for entrepreneurs is strengthened by various organizations and institutions dedicated to providing guidance and mentorship. The Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC), for example, offers free counseling and training to entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of starting and running a business.

Iowa has become a premier destination for business growth, attracting entrepreneurs and startups from across the country. With its strong agricultural and manufacturing sectors, affordable cost of living, and a skilled workforce, it’s no wonder that Taggarly has chosen to establish its presence in this thriving state.


In conclusion, Iowa stands out as one of the best places for business due to its thriving economy, business-friendly environment, highly educated workforce, and robust infrastructure.

The state’s impressive economic growth, low unemployment rate, and numerous incentives for entrepreneurs make it an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes.

With its strategic location and strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship, Iowa provides ample opportunities for success and growth.

It’s undoubtedly a prime choice for businesses seeking a vibrant and prosperous environment.

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